Karo Evans

Welcome to my Gallery, I am pleased that you decided to browse around.

If you have any enquiry, please do send an email, I will be glad to answer you.

I am  a Photographer and a Visual Artist living in France, trained as a Medical & Scientific Photographer in London, UK.
Did worked at St Bartholomew’s Hospital & St Stephen’s Hospital in London.

I had the privilege, to work in:

Refugee Camps in Hong Kong, Battered Women’ Association in France, and Terminally Ill Patients’ ward in Brittany.

I was born in South Vietnam, and lived in different countries part of my life.

“My aim is to share my work and my passion for photography and different forms of arts, with people, so that they can discover within them selves, a potential artist.

Art has always existed, and it is not for the “Elite”.

We all need to allow ourself, to discover one form or an other of creativity, as it is a very important part in each one of us.

We are “formated “too early in life, school, parents, teachers ….and we need to rediscover the riches that are part of us and need to be given birth too.

© Karo Evans 

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